A King is born.
CLIENT: Foot Locker
MADE AT: Firstborn

- Shoe: Modeling, shader, scan clean up
- Perceptual Art: Houdini digital asset which takes 2 images and procedurally generates the single or multiple perspective art.

Houdini, Substance Painter/Designer, Maya, Zbrush
Shoe Model
I used Substance Painter to revamp the raw scan data.
Above: Final retextured and shaded shoe.

Below: Before and after comparision
Scan by: Colin Tucker
Scan by: Colin Tucker
Semi Side Project
I wanted to actually model the shoe itself to make a higher fidelity model for real time viewing. I'm doing this in my free time as a study, so this is just a WIP at the moment.
Above: I wanted to model the shoe from scratch so this is my current WIP.
Below: The modeling process. I cut up the shoe and partition it into polygroups so I can get really crisp lines while modeling. The process is extremely quick and doesn't require any freehand sculpting. I mostly use the splice tool to create the groups.
Procedural Perspective Art
Using Houdini I created a tool that takes 2 images and joins them together so the images are revealed at 1 or 2 angles.  
Near final perceptual art asset. 

A big challenge here was getting the particles to align with perspective while retaining the illusion at different angles. In order to achieve this I wrote a vex script in a point wrangle to take the points within a particle cloud and attach them to the nearest surface of the intersection while maintaining their alignment to the camera.
Single perspective art. You can see how the particles offset in a sort of cone that points at the correct perspective.
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